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Su Clark

What’s your name?

Su Clark

How old are you?


Where are you from?

I live in Watford, just north of London.
I am half British and half South African Indian.


What’s your favorite color?

Turquoise and purple



What’s your favorite food?

My favourite is an Indian snack called khanvi



What is your lucky number?

I don’t really have one

What is your favorite song?

I love Sufjan Stevens album Come On Feel The Illinoise! It’s about 10 years old and a masterpiece




What makes you happy?

Family and friends. I have an amazing community around me to share experiences and laughter with.

When did you first discover an interest in photography?

When I was about 12 my dad started an experimental film making degree, which he now teaches. He would take me to a lot of galleries; I was exposed to a huge variety of art. He taught be to read art and be critical in an intellectual way.

I loved painting from an early age, but by about 15 I realised I wasn’t great at it. I bought a really basic point and shoot 6 megapixel camera (which was average for the time) and started playing.


What means photography to you?

It’s a physical expression of emotion, whether it’s my own, or of my subjects.


What sort of photography do you mainly do?

Currently I am focusing on portraits and fashion look books.

I have shot a lot of events, from corporate such as TED talks London to some of the world’s biggest DJ’s playing.

Black and White or Colour?

Colour for the most part. I occasionally use black and white if I want to change the atmosphere or mood of a photo.


What is your typical shooting gear?

I have a Nikon D800 and I am usually using my 50mm 1.4. It’s my favourite lens; it just makes everyone look so beautiful.
I recently purchased some studio lights so I shall be using them a lot more in the future.

Which is the most unnecessary trend in the field of photography?

The selfie stick, it’s a strange fad unnecessary narcissistic invention.


What lighting do you like most?

I have used natural outdoor light for the majority of my photos. I find a great location and hope the weather is a bit overcast so there won’t be hard shadows on my models. If I need to turn the model to hit the light better I do.

I recently purchased some studio lights which I haven’t really used for about 3 years, so I think this will become a more prominent part of my photos to come


Why do you take photos?

I have this deep down desire to reproduce a scene, a daydream or a collage of ideas I have experienced. It’s like an itch. Once I have reached the point where I am satisfied with the images it’s a sigh of relief. I am then eager to share it with the world.
For me it’s this constant cycle. I had this feeling before photography, I tried painting and fashion design but I was not able to fully create the image in my head the same way.

How would you define a bad picture?

A bad photo is one with no depth, no meaning, and no purpose. It can be shot on the world’s most expensive camera, but if it has no soul the viewer will disregard it immediately.

Do you have a favorite place you have traveled to?

I went to Morocco in 2013 with my boyfriend. It was the country I felt most welcome in and it felt like home. I reminded me of India in so many ways, but had this European cultural twist from the old French empire. It just felt like my heritage. I would highly recommend going there; it has so much to offer!

If you could travel through time, what time would you like to take photos?

In 1980’s England, to photograph the political change that was happening. For example photographing those who marched for Nelson Mandela’s release. Or the rise of punk anti capitalist activism.

Photo journalism is such an important part of our world, like they say a picture speaks a thousand works.
But I also think you have to give up some of your soul and a sense of normality for the job. At the present I am not ready to immerse myself there.



What is success for you?

When you feel fully satisfied in what you have created. When you have reached all your dreams and goals you have set.

Su Clark

You can find Su Clark on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and you can visit her website.