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Whitney Schloss

What’s your name?

Whitney Schloss I Whitney Mara Photography

Where are you from?

Born and raised in the Big Apple, NYC and still residing there :)

How old are you?



Your job title?

Executive Assistant at a College (by day), Portrait Photographer (by night and weekends) and mother of 2 (always!)


What is your craziest hobby?

Yoga. My good friend Laura got me into it earlier this year. I haven’t spent as much time with it as I’d like, but some of the poses I was able to do even early on are insane and give me an imense high!


What is your favorite pizza?

Gluten Free – I went GF a little over a year ago for health reasons and it’s amazing! GF Pizza is by far my favorite thing to eat!

Coffee or tea?

Both actually (hot and cold)

Your favorite color?

It may sound crazy, but it totally depends on my mood. If I really had to choose, I’d say yellow.



Favorite movie?

Harry Potter – all of them (I even have a Dealthy Hallows tattoo) :)

And your favorite song?

Currently . . . Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinz


What means photography to you?

Images that literally speak to you. As if you can read a story as clearly as if it were written words on a page.

What was the last picture you’ve taken?

I just did a photo shoot with my kids in a forest environment. I took this image of my 2 year old daughter that I just can’t stop staring at.

Your current camera setup?

Nikon D600 and my 85mm 1.8


How important is for you the equipment when photographing?

Not as important as creating relationships with my clients. I think that that is what a photograph really is, and without that honest emotion that comes from a relationship the equipment is meaningless.

What do you photograph the most?


What is the biggest challenge in child photography?

Becoming their friend. It’s so important to me that the child I am photographing doesn’t just see me as “the lady with the camera”, but instead sees me as their friend. It creates a level of trust and they open up more.


The most difficult person you have photographed?

HAHA, my kids. They are by far, my worst clients LOL

What’s your secret recipe for memorable photos?

Being vulnerable. Seeing as how the majority of my clients are children, I love allowing them to see me in my most vulnerable state. If a child comes to a shoot shy and scared, I don’t approach them with laughs and smiles. I sit down with them and talk to them for a few minutes. I let them explore me and my camera and sometimes I even let them take a picture of me. Within minutes we’re smiling with each other and have formed a sort of bond that is really special.


What have you learned today?

That I am not, nor will I ever be ‘perfect’. I am a perfectionist, so this is a lesson I try to teach myself every day.

Final words?

If you’re not willing to be 100% completely YOU, don’t expect your clients to be 100% completely themselves either. People can see the connection between photographer and client immediately when looking at a photo. Images don’t lie.


If you like the work by Whitney, then visit her website “whitneymaraphotography.com” or follow her on Facebook and Google+.